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Being human we have to perform many tasks of daily life. Without them, our life would be impossible. It’s necessary to keep ourselves healthy and fit in order do all the strenuous activities.

While lifting something over the head or during a stretching program before a workout can lead to a pulled muscle or a damaged tendon. It’s a very common issue faced by many people who try to work beyond their normal capacities. As a result, muscle is stretched, or a tendon or ligament is torn, leading to the severe pain, swelling and inability to do major tasks.

Muscle pain due to overuse can have arisen in any muscle of the body, but commonly back, shoulders, thighs, and limbs are more affected as they are used abundantly in routine daily tasks.
Pectoralis major & minor, hamstrings and muscles of the back are the most used muscles of the body in any activity. They have a higher risk of developing an overuse syndrome which can lead to severe pain and inflammation.


The muscular overuse can cause the following symptoms:

● Inflammation
● Soreness
● Decreased power
● Decreased strength
● Inability to work
● Pain with activity


There are certain treatments to cure overuse injuries:

There are many kinds of anti-inflammatory drugs that can be used to decrease the pain and inflammation, e.g., naproxen and ibuprofen, etc.

2 Protection
Protection of wound from more damage is very necessary.

3 Rest
It is an essential part of the healing process that we should take rest and give the wound time to be healed.

4 Compression
Compression of the affected area with the bandage or some plaster is very important so that it may not be deformed.

5 Elevation
The wound should be elevated to decrease the swelling which will help in decreasing the pain.

Tiger balm is a trustworthy product which is used by the world’s cream class trainers and athletes.
Whenever they get injured in any program or sports, they use tiger balm muscle rub to be cured and lessen the pain.


Tiger balm is cream which can be applied to the skin before and after a workout. It can be penetrated the skin and can cure the pain by working deeply in the neurons.
It’s an excellent product which can be used before an exercise and can make all the muscles to work accurately.


Following are some features that make the Tiger Balm muscle rub a “must use” product:

It can be applied on the skin of all over the body. All the muscles of the body can be treated efficiently with the tiger balm muscle rub.

It produces heat which makes the muscles soften and work smoothly. It makes them able to relax and less tired.

It is cream which does not have any greasy component in it. There is no oily texture in it. This property is very useful in making it’ useable in both winters and summers.

It is easy to use cream, can be applied on any part of the skin. Not difficult to use and very effective in decreasing the pain.

It is a temporary pain relief cream that can relief the pain caused by overuse activities.
The pains cured by using tiger balm muscle rub are:
● Backaches
● Muscle pain
● Muscle strains
● Muscle pull

It provides fast relief from pain. Whenever you feel pain, go for tiger balm muscle rub and get fast relief. It means “tiger balm muscle rub” is the only product best for faster relief of pain.

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