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Useful Tiger Balm Patch To Cure The Back Pains

Tiger Balm Back Pain Patch


Back is a very important part of our body. It helps in accurately standing, sitting, lying and bending. It provides flexibility to our body. That is very important for the support and strength of the body.
While lifting something from the ground, backbone provides us support to stabilize our body.
It is a most important part because it encloses many cranial nerves and ribs are also connected to our vertebrae and that help in our respiration.
It encloses spinal cord that comes from the brain and carries all the nerves and pass them to the body. In short, it is a connection between the body and brain.

While in the bending and lifting the load on the back, we may produce the back pain. That back pain can cause us unable to perform many tasks.


The most probable reasons for back pain are:
1. overloading
2. overstretching
3. sudden movement of back
4. awkward position of back
5. a sudden blow
6. prolonged sitting

During very awkward position of the back, some can develop a backache and can be unable to do further activities.
Whenever we lift the load directly on our spine, it can cause severe damage to it. The efficient way to lift a load is to lift it on our thighs and then shifting it on our back. This way we can reduce the compressive force on our vertebral column. The persons who get a permanent job of lifting load are highly recommended first to get the load on the thigh and then shift to our vertebral column.

One of the most common reasons of a backache is the awkward sitting position. In many offices, schools, colleges and other workplaces, the people used to sit more, and they get a backache earlier than others.


First of all, the very first word recommended to the lower back pain patient is to take the rest. They are advice to take rest and lay in the comfortable position so that their spine may get straight.

When the pain become unbearable, the patients are advised to get pain killers and use NSAIDS to reduce the pain.

A very useful method for the cure of lower back pain is to use the ice packs. Ice packs are used to lower the activity of neurotransmitters, and they become less painful. Another way is to use the heat.

Tiger balm can be used very quickly to cure the back pain.


Tiger balm back pain patch is a medicated plaster which is very useful to cure or reduce the back pain. It is very helpful and highly recommended by the physicians. It uses the hydrogel technology to cure the back pain.


There are certain features that make the tiger balm a very useful product:

The healing power of tiger balm is combined with hydrogel innovation and it’s a very useful bond which can even heal the most severe back pain.

Tiger balm back pain patch is designed to provide the long lasting effects so that the patient will b able to get pain relief for a long time.

It is made up of material that can be stretched to fit the curves of the back. It completely fit the back and provides the relief at every end.

It is very comfortable t wear. No precautions are needed. Just open the pack, grab the patch out and get the relief by wearing it.

Tiger balm back pain patch is available in one pack size of two plasters (10cm x 14cm)

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